In response to the growing need for environmental conservation, at the Ayuso Group we are committed to protecting the environment and we prioritise the necessary actions to reduce the possible impacts of both our operations and the products we offer. We understand that it is essential to maintain a balance between energy needs and the environment, without disturbing our environment too much.

From the Ayuso Group’s Management we assume that the future depends on the rational administration of natural resources, the protection of the Environment is not an option, but an absolute necessity and a strategic issue.

For this reason, at Grupo Ayuso we dedicate our R+D resources to the development of more thermally efficient systems, to minimising the possible impacts throughout the entire cycle of our processes and to the appropriate management and recycling of waste, which translates into greater care for the environment.

Our Environmental Certificates are available for you to download below:

Our company AV Alumitran is certified under the standard of
Environmental Management ISO-14001

Main supplier for AV Alumitran Aluminium: Hydro Reduxa

In view of the problems we are currently facing on the planet. The carbon footprint is continually being reduced. Hydro Reduxa has managed to reduce its carbon footprint to 1/4 of the overall global average.