Our processes


In addition to having an extensive catalogue of products, at Grupo Ayuso, with our company Fabril AV Alumitran, we offer the manufacture ofcustomised profiles that adapt to the needs requested by our clients. To this end, we have a qualified staff capable of meticulously designing any project that may be required. Once designed and after passing the necessary quality tests and trials, we proceed to the extrusion, cutting and/or machining of the final product.

Aluminium press extrusion is a plastic deformation process that compression moulds the hot aluminium billet. The extruded profiles flow through the die at a temperature of 500°C and are precisely cooled and stretched on a roller bed.

These profiles are then cut to the required size and placed in hardening furnaces to reach the appropriate hardness and maturity.

AV Alumitran has an extrusion capacity of 32,000 mt. profile per year, using 5 presses.

Our presses

Lacquered and anodised

Once the profiles have been extruded and have passed all the necessary quality tests, they will undergo lacquering or anodising processes to obtain the appearance desired by our customers.

At Grupo Ayuso we want to guarantee the quality of our finishes, which is why we subject our profiles to a pre-treatment and a conversion layer that ensures the perfect adherence of the paint, following the “SEASIDE” guarantee specifications..

Once the material has been properly prepared, the aluminium profiles are chain-painted.

At Ayuso Group, we have a wide range of lacquer finishes (RAL) available to the consumer, as well as lacquers with a visual appearance similar to wood.

The quality of our lacquering is guaranteed by the international QUALICOAT seal of approval.

In addition, we have 2 vertical coating plants and 2 horizontalcoating plants on our premises.

The wood effect by Sublicromia is achieved by applying a first step of pre-treatment of the material in chemical baths, for a subsequent powder coating of polyurethane or polyester based paint (Tgic free) with electrostatic equipment.

The aluminium profile is subjectedto the heat-transfer process, also called thermo-printing or heat-transfer.

The next step is to roll up the aluminium profile applied with the printing foil, and place it on a transport trolley with silicone rubber membranes, in order to ensure perfect adaptation to the shape of the profiles.

There are different printing papers which, combined with the colours of the powder coating used as a base, allow different finishes to be achieved; pine, walnut, oak, sapele, etc.

The quality of the wood effect by sublichromy is guaranteed by the international QUALIDECO seal of guarantee.

In Grupo Ayuso we have the newest system for the decorative finishing of aluminium profiles in wood effect “EZY”®. Produced with “powder on powder”drum painting technology, it guarantees a complete decoration process on all sides of the profile.

EZY® not only provides a perfect surface finish but also, and not least, the best qualities of the lacquering process, which is none other than being under the QUALICOAT standard.

This type of lacquering allows something that was unthinkable until now, several layers of paintusing one of them as a simulator of the wood grain.

The quality of the wood effect by the “EZY”® system. is guaranteed by the international QUALIDECO seal of approval.

Anodising is a process of treating the profile surface to protect it from environmental corrosion. By means of an electrolytic bath, an anodic layer is achieved, which gives a metallic appearance to the aluminium profile by means of different tin salt baths, obtaining a fairly wide range of colours.

Its most common finishes areINOX, Ivory, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Blue Black and Green in matt, gloss, treated, polished or shot-blasted tones.

The anodised material that we supply in Grupo Ayuso has the QUALANOD Quality Mark licence for the anodising of aluminium in sulphuric medium, which guarantees the commitment to maintain and promote the quality of anodised aluminium and its alloys.

For more information about our production processes, please contact our company Fabril AV Alumitran.