• Fittings for Channel 16.
  • ActivPilot from WinkHaus optimises window production. Significantly fewer, multi-purpose parts guarantee faster and more efficient fitting of the hardware on your windows. Pre-assembled parts as well as the unique construction allow you to add additional functions or raise the security level at a later date without excessive effort.

Recommended Weight

  • Maximum recommended weight of 100Kg, for the standard configuration.
  • The maximum leaf weights of the various hardware systems must not be exceeded. The part with the lowest permissible bearing force defines the maximum leaf weight. The application diagrams as well as the definition of the fittings must be taken into account.

Recommended dimensions

  • Maximum leaf size 3 m2
  • Minimum fitting channel width 270 mm
  • Max. width of door leaf fitting channel 1725 mm
  • Min. height of fitting channel 230 mm
  • Max. fitting channel height 2800 mm