Foldable Series


  • Carpentry for the construction of folding doors, for the enclosure of large dimensions, and with which we manage to free up almost the entire opening when it is in the open position.
  • Triple gasket sealing system.
  • Stainless steel fittings.
  • 18.5mm glazing bead rebate, with the possibility of glazing up to 20mm.


  • Frame: 40 mm
  • Blade: 40 mm
  • Maximum glazing: 20 mm

Test classification


3-pane folding window.
Test values with glass 4/10/4


  • Anodised.
  • Lacquered.
  • Wood imitation by sublimation.
  • EZY” ® wood effect lacquering

Recommended dimensions

Recommended dimensions per sheet

Opening up possibilities